In 1985, as its contribution to European Music Year, the Irish Catholic
Hierarchy commissioned a new organ for the Schola Cantorum. A German builder
was chosen, Hartwig Späth of Freiburg. His brief was to build a versatile
conservatory instrument, suitable for teaching the widest possible repertoire.

In this he succeeded admirably and produced an instrument where all stops
except the Great Prinzipal 4′ are enclosed, thus allowing the widest possible
range of expression. With the box open, one can feel comfortably Baroque,
but equally, for teaching purposes, a realistic simulation of the Romantic
repertoire is possible.

Organ Specification

Hartwig Späth (Freiburg)
1986 (opus 915)
Manual I Pedal
1. Spitzflöte 8 8. Subbass 16
2. Prinzipal 4 9. Oktavbass 8
3. Rauschpfeife II 10. Flötbass 4
Manual II Couplers
4. Gedackt 8 II/I
5. Rohrflöte 4 I/P
6. Sesquialter II II/P